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The goal of Wildspirit is to convert renewing ideas into signature pieces.

The goal of Wildspirit is to convert renewing ideas into signature pieces. Its unique character, its multifunctional and the combined use of wood and leather are the soul of the collection. Wildspirit works with external designers like Alain Berteau, Cas Moor & Lieven Musschoot, Sylvain Willenz, Michael Bihain, Anita Nevens... THINK WILD, LIVE SPIRITED! Exploring shapes, meeting people. Details have the power to enforce the character and reconcilability of an object. It is through this sense of detail that Wildspirit succeeds in designing objects that can give any existing or new interior its own allure. Objects that exude a persisting striving for quality, detail and craftsmanship. Wildspirit stands for pure shapes with a clear Wildspirit-signature. Every single item has the power to put its mark on every kind of interior: minimalistic, modern, timeless or classic. Above all, Wildspirit tries to keep its spirit young. Continuously teased and with a curiosity beyond measure. By constantly refi¬ning our craftsmanship, we are able to make every piece of furniture a true example of perfection. An expression of timeless beauty, made with noble materials and shaped by rewarded designers who work in complete artistic freedom. Wildspirit creates re¬fined design, especially shaped for places where people meet each other. The Wildspirit collection includes a ‘family of products’ that off er people a feeling of functional and emotional complacency. PERFECTION IS OUR STANDARD A piece of design furniture is meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, Wildspirit only works with the finest wood and calf leather available. We believe that our clients deserve the best quality and we are ready to go the extra mile in order to achieve absolute perfection. Special requests? No problem! We will join you on the journey towards the perfect chair or table, and help you out with every step along the way. Whether you are looking for a particular wood color, or a seat in your own fabric.

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