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Vibieffe products are inspired by elegance, fineness, quality and style 100% Made in Italy.

Vibieffe, a historic Italian manufacturer of sofas and armchairs, has been in business since 1967. Traditionally synonymous of style, research and quality, Vibieffe offers a broad and versatile collection, with proposals that meet different areas of taste. Production, constantly evolving, is increasingly rich and varied: nowadays, in addition to fixed and convertible sofas, we supply furnishing accessories, modular libraries, lamps and carpets. 

The freshness of Vibieffe products is the result of our constant attention to the world of design – as well as to the different life-styles that animate the scenario in which the company operates, locally and internationally. The quality of the Vibieffe collection lies in the high standards of its design, plus the comfort achieved through the most advanced production processes and the selection of innovative materials. Together with ergonomics and versatility, Vibieffe offers luxury materials and fabrics, engendered through a constant quest for style and for increasingly innovative solutions. Vibieffe gives expression to maximum functionality combined with beauty of form. art direction arch. Gianluigi Landoni

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