Cast concrete elements.

The URBI ET ORBI studio is the place where new trends in concrete object design and production are born.

”Concrete has always been the main material for our constructions. Our specialty, however, lies in its processing: in giving it form, color, shape, texture, and character. What always spurred our excitement are the endless possibilities offered by its very nature and qualities, while the uniqueness of each construction is exactly what makes our relationship with this material complete.”

Our projects used to be of a very large scale, at construction sites. Everything changed when we began to test our skills at a much smaller scale, inside the confined space of the workshop. We therefore embarked on a whole new venture, and quite an entrancing one at that. Naturally, it did cost us a lot of time, study, design trials (and caffeine!) in order for us to create the first series of products this time in 2012, as well as the discreet URBI ET ORBI brand.

The people behind URBI ET ORBI:

Although randomly met, we are a team that works together since meeting each other, turning into a perfect match while working. We pay attention to every detail, pushing our creativity and designs beyond any kind of limit.

In these web pages you will find our products sorted by category.A large collection of concrete basins, several kinds of fixtures made of cast concrete, cement wall tiles, concrete furniture, as also decorative objects.

Our raw materials.

‘’Concrete is everywhere! It has a past, a present, and a long future!

We view concrete as a material of unlimited possibilities, and we make the most out of those.

We do not limit our view of concrete only to its industrial form. Concrete can fit anywhere, as long as you give it the right form, shape, texture, and sometimes even color.

We believe in its nature, its plasticity. We respect its character and we accept it as is. Concrete isn’t just a temporary trend, it’s a permanent value. Any object made of concrete gains in value thanks to its uniqueness, its character, its appearance.”

The raw materials that we use at URBI ET ORBI are internationally acknowledged, both eco-friendly and human-friendly. Such examples are the special GFRC and UHPC mixes, the most sophisticated advances the concrete industry has to display.

We are developing new techniques, shades, as also various particular finishes like terrazzo, sand, etc.

Our production is handmade, harmonized by the European standards and directives of each product category.

This is why we, at URBI ET ORBI, create safe, functional, top-quality products that stand out in every setting.

All products by URBI ET ORBI

Curt Modular Sofa Flexible bench, Jet - 9803
Curt Modular Sofa
Ghost Pendant Light
Ghost Pendant Light
Ply Pink Rug Pink
Ply Pink Rug
Crystal Rug Red - Crystal
Crystal Rug
Aaram Bar Cabinet Natural Ash
Kam Ce Kam
Aaram Bar Cabinet
Royce Lounge Chair Glossy Red RAL3007
Royce Lounge Chair
HM48 Tarn Armchair RAL 9005, Advantage Adriatic AD001
Hitch Mylius
HM48 Tarn Armchair
Degrade Rug Petrol-Wine, 170 x 240cm
Degrade Rug
Aura Pendant Light Resin Rose
Established & Sons
Aura Pendant Light
Akira Writing Desk 27 Grey White, Desktop with shelves colour - 27 Grey White
Akira Writing Desk
Around Colours Oval Rug
Wiener GTV Design
Around Colours Oval Rug
Solid Conference Table White Steel, Premium and wood lacquers 642L
Andreu World
Solid Conference Table
Around Colours Rectangular Rug Yellow
Wiener GTV Design
Around Colours Rectangular Rug
Fat Chaise Longue Right, Hero 991
Tom Dixon
Fat Chaise Longue
Around Colours Square Rug
Wiener GTV Design
Around Colours Square Rug
PH Septima Pendant Light
Louis Poulsen
PH Septima Pendant Light
Gear Coffee Table Concrete - Chalk
Gear Coffee Table
Insert Coffee Table Black Ash
Insert Coffee Table
Lato LN8 Side Table Warm black/Emparador marble
Lato LN8 Side Table
Insert Side Table Black Ash
Insert Side Table
Bon Wooden Tray Natural Oak, X Small
Bon Wooden Tray
Giro Pouf with Castors Rubber Castors, Era C03
Giro Pouf with Castors
Ego Suspension Light 3000K, Ego Cor-Ten, S
Lumen Center Italia
Ego Suspension Light
Isabella Chair 001 Stroll, Seat upholstery - 001 Stroll
Isabella Chair
Corduroy Cushion Corduroy Mustard
Corduroy Cushion
Mirage Cushion Leaf
Mirage Cushion
Gear Side Table
Gear Side Table
Dalya Armchair Coral Lacquered Beech, Step 60004
Dalya Armchair