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UNCOMPROMISING AND UNIQUE TRAPA IS AN AUSTRIAN FAMILIY BUSINESS FOUNDED IN 1994. WOOD ATTRACTION AND ENTHUSIASM HAS TRADITION AT TRAPA. Products made with passion, craft skill and tremendous experience undergo a contemporary design at TRAPA. Manufactured by proficient craftsmen, this solid wood furniture and floors meets the highest quality standards. Each and every piece from the TRAPA studios is a special individual item, refined in beauty and self-esteem by daily use. Each piece is manufactured individually from a generous range of possible versions, varying in dimension, wood specie, finish and texture. TRAPA furniture possesses the consistent and uncompromising quality to accompany us for a lifetime and get passed on to next generations. Slow & gentle drying The usual quick drying procedure with high temperatures damages the wood quality. Therefore we dry our wood as gently, slowly and naturally as possible: first various months in the fresh air – traditionally stacked for ideal ventilation – and thereafter at gentle moderate climate in the drying chambers. This procedure creates strainless wood, well suited for difficult climatic conditions. Natural colours through gentle treatments For the colouring of wood we renounce widely used synthetic resin varnishes, acrylates and ammonia smoking. Rather we create our primary colours by gentle heat and pressure treatment. This procedure causes wood sugar to caramellise inside the wood cells, creating in a comparatively gentle way unique earth-, coffee- and cocoa-colour shades not only on the surface, but from deep within the wood. Lively textures TRAPA natural wood products address the human senses. With various elaborate techniques we veil our wood in lively textures, which are visible, but even more importantly, intensively feelable. Typical for the STORICO texture is for example the vintage charm of materials aged in dignity. The products of the EMOZIONI collection convince with a natural texture of grown wood irregularities. Colour- & light-stable To secure permanent colour-stability of certain natural wood surfaces, we gently treat them with a special lye. Wood ingredients such as resin & tannic acid react naturally with the lye and thereby create deeply profound, permanently colour- & light-stable wood colours, which neither yellow nor fade. Hardwearing through crystallizing natural oil All TRAPA natural wood products are finished with crystallizing natural oil. The premium oil penetrates deeply into the wood grain and cures. This makes our products durable, hardwearing, strong, grippy, water- and dirt-repellant. Our natural wood products are neither varnished nor waxed. In this way the wood pores remain diffusion-open, allowing the wood to take moisture from the air & release it during dryness. Thereby floor & furniture significantly contributes to a balanced room climate. MATCHING OF SOLID WOOD FURNITURE AND NATURAL WOOD FLOOR. Attuning the natural furniture surface individually to finish and texture of the TRAPA natural wood floor is an option. In harmonious accordance or zestful contrast with one another.

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