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Located in the East End of London TOBYhouse produces lighting, accessories and homeware with an inventive approach. We mix things up to create engaging new solutions that deliver much more!

The ways of things...

Our work is all about the ways that things are made. We're interested in designs that are beautiful, that are highly functional, but crucially, that have something really amazing about them; something immediately fascinating that draws you in and grips you.

Our philosophy is that it's in the mystery and magic of the EXPERIENCE of an object that resides a set of meaningful values, rather than in the design of the object itself.

We want to reinvent the way that things are made. And yes we do want to change the world, to affect a paradigm shift from one in which objects are "Used" to one in which they are "Lived".

Unconventional paths...

We walk unconventional paths through manufacturing. We have found that the dualities that are thrown up by "crossing-over" objects and processes from other areas, in ways that are structurally meaningful, can create powerful images with lasting resonance about them.

Through this re-channeling processes, we can effectively resolve the functions of an object and can simultaneously create opportunities for emotive conversations to shroud the object. These are cultural references and narratives totally beyond the mechanics of the item, that somehow send it into a fictional orbit, where the object becomes a STORY.

Form Follows Fiction.

by Toby Sanders owner and founder of TOBYhouse

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