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Telami is an Italian manufacturer of beautiful and functional handmade furniture and accessories with an iconic design. Its mission is to bring product customization into the world of Italian tradition, creating a virtuous blend of fashion and design.

Warp and weft are at the heart of the Telami products; fabric, with its infinite variations of textures, colors, and materials, is the best expression of the identity and lifestyle of the person who chooses it.

The possibilities for customizing the Telami products are endless.

Today Telami presents the first two outcomes of this design journey: the Tripolina folding chair and the Director’s Chair — two icons rediscovered and reinterpreted with innovative materials, colors, and intended use, for a contemporary and indisputably Italian style.

They populated the covers of trendy magazines as well as the homes and gardens of legendary figures, such as Theodore Roosevelt, and were chosen by artists and intellectuals the likes of Italo Calvino, Chet Baker, Alfred Hitchcock, and Federico Fellini.

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