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The Company Swedstyle is essentially a knowledge-based company that works in close collaborations with a number of talented manufacturers.

The Company Swedstyle is essentially a knowledge-based company that works in close collaborations with a number of talented manufacturers. After nearly 30 years in the business, we have learnt to appreciate having knowledgeable, stable sub-contractors who know our products and make it easy for us to keep developing and improving them. We don’t believe in selling products just because. Nor in locking ourselves to a product that doesn’t evolve. Our most successful projects are the ones where we have the opportunity to work closely together with our customers and their architects, creating an office environment directly suited to their needs. With creative employees, our own prototype shop and minimal transportation to our local sub-contractors, we create an environment where it’s both possible and fun to be flexible and come up with new solutions. Swedstyle has always been a visionary company. When others talk about innovation, we develop prototypes and implement new ideas. In the 80s, we pioneered stand- and sit workstations. When the digital, open office came along, we created practical solutions for handling cables, minimise harmful noise and create space on the desks. Our work to develop energy-efficient products started long before climate change got the focus it has today, and we continue to look ahead, towards new technology, materials and alternative energy sources. Founded: 1974. Owners: Hans and Margaretha Fredén. Numbers of employees: approx. 45. Turnover: approx. €13,6 million. Showroom: Vaggeryd and Stockholm. Production area, offices warehouse: 10 000 m2. Environmental certification: ISO 14001History Swedstyle was founded in 1974 as an export agent to local manufacturers in the Vaggeryd area. Furniture quickly became the main part of the business, and Swedstyle soon began developing and marketing its own products. The idea of stand- and sit workstations was born in the 80s. More flexible organisations required offices that were easily adaptable. Swedstyle was first on the market to see an opportunity for developing products that both satisfied real company needs and gave the people in those companies a more dynamic and ergonomic way of working. A lot has happened since the first adjustable tables. To be able to vary your position when you work is essential in offices today, and a number of companies now exist on the market. Swedstyle has met the changes with a strong customer focus and a desire to always want to take the extra step and find new solutions that give our products an extra edge. When it comes to size, Swedstyle has gone from one person to almost fifty in thirty years. We have always kept our identity as a typical Småland family business, and we are proud to keep it that way as the company grows and trade in general becomes more global. Like when Swedstyle first came about, we keep working closely with local manufacturers and manage the company with a strong faith in our products and a lot of heart.

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Ply Pink Rug
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IOI Round Wall Mirror
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Vuelta Table Lamp
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