Say O - Company History / Philosophy Say O is a Danish furniture company which was founded in the year of 2013.

Say O - Company History / Philosophy Say O is a Danish furniture company which was founded in the year of 2013. A few years earlier one of the founders Kongsgaard of Say O discovered a greenhouse project for a new chair created by the very talented Norwegian designer trio Knudsen, Berg and Hindenes. The designer trio was working on this new 3D veneer chair at the time when Kongsgaard for the first time came across this very interesting project. Kongsgaard immediately saw the potential for this chair to become a new design classics. Scandinavia designers have a long and proud history of making beautiful quality furniture out of wood materials which is found in the surrounding nature of Scandinavia. Kongsgaard decided to contact Knudsen, Berg and Hindenes to ask them if they would be interested in joining up with Kongsgaard who could then help the designer trio to make this design masterpiece come to life. Then chair was eventually named Say O due to the unique design detail of the oval hole in the backrest of the chair which should reminds you of a human mouth saying Ohhhh. The four Scandinavians proved to work very well together and their hard work eventually paid off when the beautiful Say O Chair eventually came alive in the summer of 2014. Right after that the Say O Chair was finished the Say O team started to work on a bench option that would use the same 3D veneer seat also applied to the Say O Chair. Once again the Norwegian designer trio took up the challenge to repeat the previous success and now with the aim to design and develop a matching Say O Bench of the same beauty and quality of the Say O Chair. Again the three designers showed us all how talented they truly are because by the winter of 2014 the trio came up with a just as beautiful bench beam for the Say O Bench. The Say O Chair and the Say O Bench blends uniquely and perfectly together in public places where there is a need for both chairs and benches. The Say O Chair now comes is different variation of colors and an option to choose between different leg bases with various surfaces. The Say O Bench has an aluminum beam base with customized seat count also with the option to attach small tables on the bench beam next to the seats. The Say O team now consists of a small group of people who all have a passion and love for outstanding furniture design of the very highest standard. For the future Say O aims to continue to develop furniture that are extraordinary and eye-catching and pleases people who appreciates furniture of the very best quality. For clients or partners we will also highly value to work closely together with you in order to ensure that you will be cheerful, pleased and satisfied with the work and the products we provide for you with passion at Say O.

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