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Rex('king' in Latin) was named for its creator, architect and designer Niko Kralj, whose last name translates to "king" in Slovenian.

Rex('king' in Latin) was named for its creator, architect and designer Niko Kralj, whose last name translates to "king" in Slovenian. It was designed in 1952. The Rex chair is part of the Rex folding furniture family which also includes the lounge chair, rocking chair, daybed and coffee table.  Kralj's visionary thinking correctly predicted that the modular and lightweight design would become an increasingly important feature of best-selling products as time progresses in an increasingly globalized world of internet shopping. This is the most prominent feature of the Rex folding furniture collection and it is no wonder that the Rex chair became a world bestseller and an example of a ergonomic, practical and visually attractive product. A Superior Achievement of Slovenian Industrial Design The Rex Chair has attained legendary status in Slovenia and become an object of desire around the world — especially after being chosen for the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. With more than two million items sold and numerous international awards, the Rex Chair has become part of the history of not only Slovenian but world design as well. Today it is a cult object for design lovers around the globe.Ergonomic, Practical, and Aesthetically Pleasing With its well-proportioned shape, Rex furniture comes alive in any room: as a comfortable living room lounge chair, a desk chair in an office, or an interesting work of art to brighten your home or workplace. Its clean lines, with their calm contemporary elegance, fit the body perfectly, giving you a feeling of floating and a pleasant sense of relaxation.  Comfort in the Warm Embrace of Natural Wood Rex folding furniture collection is designed with your comfort in mind. The clean minimalistic design takes full account of ergonomics, while the spaces between the slats create a delightful airy feeling. The Rex Chair is extremely lightweight: the designer’s love of wood guided him in a very rational use of the material. Treat yourself to the regal comfort of the lounge chair, the standard chair, or the rocking chair and settle into the embrace of the pleasing warmth of natural wood, which is what gives Rex furniture its long life span.  For Your Home or Workplace When you want to give your room an air of originality, creativity, and confidence, REX Chair is always the right choice. Its pleasing proportions and clean lines make Rex Chair welcome in any contemporary home or workplace. For self-assured individuals who are not afraid to express their personality, we recommend Rex in vivid and contrasting colors. If you prefer a more nuanced expression, choose a color that matches the tones of the other furniture in the room. Rex adapts to your style and comes alive with you.

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