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Ceramiche Refin is part of the Concorde Group, European’s second largest ceramic tile group in terms of turnover.

Ceramiche Refin is part of the Concorde Group, European’s second largest ceramic tile group in terms of turnover. Ceramiche Refin has been on the international markets since 1962 with a growing number of premium quality products of avant-garde design.Ceramiche Refin has chosen to be 100% Made in Italy. OUR VISION To offer people the world over premium quality ceramic products of Italian design via a corporate management that respects ethical principles and is committed to the natural environment in which we live. At Ceramiche Refin success hinges on knowing how to interpret and meet peaple demand while at the same time guaranteeing both product quality and all relative safety aspects. OUR VALUES Four values reflect the personality of Ceramiche Refin and form the basis of corporate operations: Quality, of product and service. Respect, for individuals, society as a whole and the environment. Innovation, to meet current and emerging trends. Design, to listen to new ideas and convert them into applied creativity. STRATEGIES Our 5 strategies provide the guidelines for reaching our objectives: Elevating brand perception and importance. Pursuing excellence in Italian design and innovation. Achieving maximum production efficiency through cost containment. Strengthening relations with our clientele to build working relationship. Fostering the professionalism of our personnel. PRODUCTION AND INNOVATION Ceramiche Refin can boast an annual production output of 6 million square metres, 4 furnaces and over 30,000 square metres of covered facilities, as well as state-of-the-art systems for graphic creations and post-production operations. Our R&D Department is comprised of 15 technicians who are involved both in ongoing research into new technical and aesthetic solutions and in stringent Quality Control activities covering all production phases. Qualitative standards at Ceramiche Refin have achieved both ISO 9001 certification and the prestigious French UPEC certification. ECOLOGY Ceramiche Refin’s commitment also extends to the world around us. Over the years its results in this field have been recognized by Ecolabel certification, which attests to the progress made in the selection of raw materials, in improved energy efficiency and water consumption, in the drastic reduction of pollutant emissions and the marked increase in recycling activities.

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