Ziggy desk DBD-860A-01-01 by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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This is a model with divided winding plate. A third of the winding plate remains as a filing for lamp and utensils in the horizontal position, while the field of work can be put at an angle - for a better seat posture. The Ziggy can be also built up side-turned. Material: Solid beech wood, natural oiledmetal frame in grey Dimensions:: 68 x 120cm, H 50-75cm

The variants of Ziggy, our desk for children, it is fitted to our three furniture ranges with continuous or long jointed wooden slats or with white, melamine coated plate. Ziggy is oiled in natural or stained finishes available in 16. The metal frame is available in either white or grey metallic. The model is height adjustable from 50 to 75cm. So it can be used from kindergarten age, but adults can also easily work on them as well. The 68 x 120cm large disk has enough space for two consecutive A4 booklets and fits into even a very small kid’s room. Thanks to its unique frame shape from two sides, four children can easily sit in it - for games, painting or crafting.

De Breuyn – Children’s Furniture Systems The German, family-owned De Breuyn has developed meticulously designed children’s furniture since 1986.