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Zeta Fenix is a shelfingsystem with beautiful fullcore laminate boards with just 10mm material thickness. Fenix is the red dot materialinnovation 2014 by Arpaindustries, Italy: It delivers a wonderful new kind of surface, with nanotecnology finishing. The grip is warm and gliding, giving the feeling silky velvet. The high resistancy delivers exclusivity to interior furnishing. Spans cover 1960mm and 2920 mm x 35 mm panel width. Starting as base-unit with 2 full length panels, dimensions in mounting are possible to any height. Compelling also is the color-concept in diverse whites, with white or black core, black solid, warm grey and taupe. Stability given with additional side- and back-panels sliede jointlessly in between framework. Easy assembly. Characteristics Fenix NTM • Inspiring smooth and warm surface and grip • no fingerprints • Nonsensitive to scratches • Easy-clean, cleaner resistant • Waterresistant • High stability with only 10mm thickness

Zeta. Shelf- or roomdividing system, sideboard, lowboard, filing and presentation. For Office & Living. Open or closed. It´s a multiple concept. Zeta is a modular, flexible interiorsystem delivering high lightness and transparency. Individual in setting, and free standing. Basic framework are vertical binding rods in anodized aluminium providing high stability. Additionally complimented with side- and back panels to close compartments individually where pleased and required. The easy clip-on panels can be placed and replaced, or close all compartments jointlessly. Gliding doors hide the content where you like and are individually placed. The system offers intelligent construction and easy assembly. Zeta comes in 2 versions for market entry:

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