Outside: Shiny White Inside: White Zeppelin 3 x 100W/E27 Material: Fiberglass Art. No. KL-1031 Zeppelin T5 2 x 28/54W -TL indirect 230V integrated dimmer switch Material: Fiberglass Art. No. KL-1131

Designed by ”studio IK” the Zeppelin is available as suspension lamp and is available in one standard size. With the material being fiberglass the Zeppelin can be customised with various choices of exterior textures: bronze look, metal look shiny white/black. The inside standard colours are gold, gold leaf and white. The handcrafted Zeppelin is characterised by its zeppelin shape. The ZeppelinT5 is a dimmable version of the Zeppelin with indirect light. The Zeppelin textures and colours available can be combined to create personalised compositions. 

Kunstlicht translated from Dutch to English means Artificial - light.