Exterior lamp made from galvanised steel in a metallic grey painted finish, clad in ipe wooden panels on two sides.

It is available in three different heights: 400, 300 or 80 cm. All models comprise a column with one or two light arms, positioned at the same or different heights, depending on the model.
2,5 x 12 x 403 cm Fluor. 2 x 36W (2G11) + Fluor. 2 x 80W (2G11) Halogenuro metálico (HI) 150W (E40) + HI 70W (E27) Vapor de sodio (HS) de alta presión 70W (E27) + HS 70W (E27) LED IP54

B.lux, located in the Basque Country, is a leader in the production and release of contemporary design lamps. Design and its status as a manufacturer constitute the cornerstones of its organizational strategy.