Zagros Songline, Baneh Kelim, Flatweaves Minimalist, 223 x 303cm

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Zagros Songlines combines the Baneh technique of stitched-together flatweave sections with a new aesthetic spirit: the fusion of the intricate delicacy of ‘minimalist’ inspired Mazandaran kelims with the erratic and emotive vigour of Aborigine paintings. Within the animist belief system of Indigenous Australians, a songline is one of the paths across the land marking the route followed by localised "creator-beings" during the Dreaming. And yet Soheila Shayegan Studio’s design is essentially Persian. The tribal ‘zig zag’ motif appears in diverse manifestations across the gamut of Iranian art.

Mission Statement Zollanvari carpets embody the spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving – an extraordinary art form that has been treasured across the world for more than 2,000 years.