Width 113 cm
Depth 74 cm
Height 27 cm
Gross weight 23 kg


Structure finish Polyester Powder Gold
Structure material Coated Steel Rod
Table top finish Bi-Laminate


Pattern Flower pattern
Volume 0.36 m3


A collection of coffee tables in various sizes created as a set of three which can stand by themselves in the centre of the living room or be used as side tables, as desired.

Their shapes are irregular and dynamic, available in three different heights and sizes.Just like the ziqqurat cabinet, each top comes in three different patterns made of digital printed bilaminate with contemporary, very distinctive, designs: vintage collages, optical decors, textures that interpret the weaves suggested by the creativity of current trends. The frame is in gold-coloured tubular steel. This nostalgic yet trendy choice adds elegance and charm to these pieces.

Driade Lab

The company proudly presents the first project designed by driadelab, the company’s research centre and creative core. Driadelab, where talents are moulded, is a group of miscellaneous talents who develop their aesthetic inspiration in an alchemy of languages and sensations, and working closely with the production department.

driade is an aesthetic lab in continuous search for beauty in living space.