Suitable for children aged 8 years. Ladder placed in the middle of the bed. This variant is meant for older children and adolescents. As kids no longer play or romp on the bed at this stage, we have reduced the height of the railings now ranges from 23 cm. There is now plenty of room under the bed for a sofa, desk or cabinets. In fact with a lower edge of 142 cm, the lower deck area has enough headroom for an adult to sit down and work comfortably. Material: Solid beech wood, natural oiled or or stained in 16 different colours. Dimensions:: 99,2 x 213,5cm, H= 183,5cm

debe.destyle base bed - A kit = 5 beds The debe.destyle bed is a practical solution for those who wants to set up their children’s room.  The kit consists of components needed for five different beds with different heights. The components like guard rail and platforms of different heights are constructed keeping in mind the varying needs of your children, depending on their age and body size. Therefore, the bed will always be at its optimum height and you can restructure it in any way you want without having to buy additional parts

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