YANOS Cantilever chair by Girsberger

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YANOS was created by the designer Paul Brooks. The chair’s prominent feature is the Y-shaped structure of its backrest. This allows the backrest to be adjusted in height and positioned according to the size of the user. The stretched elastic mesh of the backrest adapts itself automatically to the individual shape of the user’s back. An optionally available lumbar bolster, the depth of which can be adjusted, guarantees precise support of the lumbar region. A synchronous mechanism encourages active sitting. It can be adapted to the user’s weight by means of a quick and easy-to-use adjustment control and can be locked into several different positions. YANOS features a state-of-the-art sliding seat which, thanks to its adjustable depth of 10 cm, will accommodate users of all sizes. The seat angle can be given a forward tilt of up to 3 degrees and can be locked into several positions. The mesh cover of the chair’s backrest is available in different colours. As an alternative, it is also possible to order an upholstered backrest. There is a choice of different armrests: 2-D ring shaped, 2-D T-shaped and 4-D T-shaped. An optional coat hanger can also be ordered. The base of the chair is made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic or of polished or black-coated aluminium. Cantilever and four-legged chairs which match the swivel chair are available as visitor and conference chairs, with or without armrests. The four-legged chair can be optionally ordered with castors, a version which is also suitable for use as seminar chair. All models are stackable.

The origins of the furniture manufacturer Girsberger go back to a woodturner’s workshop, which was founded as a family enterprise in Zurich in 1889.