The Y Frame is designed as a square frame that unfolds in a triangle geometry under the table top.

Country of Origin
Powder Coated Matt Black
100% Stainless Steel
Suitable for any kind of dining or desk tabletop with a length of up to 220 cm.

With the use of 12 mm thin steel profiles, a dynamic variation is created between the flat surfaces and the slim Y silhouette.
The legs are designed to complement the Raw Striped- & Charcoal tabletops, but is suitable for any kind of dining or desk tabletop with a length of up to 220 cm.
The Y frame is an ultra-simple and sleek solution for any tabletop made out of high quality stainless steel and finished in matt black powder coating.

Kristian Sofus Hansen & Tommy Hyldahl

Kristian Sofus Hansen
Kristian creates unique pieces through simple, functional and considered design. His designs aim to merge traditional design methods and new production techniques into high quality pieces of furniture and product design.

Tommy Hyldahl
Tommy has been responsible for the creative DNA of NORR11 since 2010, and has worked with a number of furniture designers.
His interest in materials and product manufacturing is clearly seen throughout the whole collection.

Since 2015 the two designers began a design collaboration. From Tommys many travels around Asia and Kristians studies in Japan, they strive to combine their passion for Japanese simplicity, ethnic details and Scandinavian tradition in timeless pieces of furniture.

At NORR11 we strive to rethink Scandinavian design in order to create timeless furniture pieces. We seek inspiration from nature and raw materials, which is evident in our products that often redefine materials, techniques and forms. Fusing together cultures from around the world with simple Scandinavian design principles, we generate a unique perspective on furniture design. Our name stands for our Nordic heritage and the day it all began, the 11th of November 2011. Welcome to NORR11.