Xylo Table by Comforty

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Comforty Xylo Table Comforty Xylo Table Comforty Xylo Table

The essence of this design task was to find a new and timeless form for the table, so that it could be combined with different types of furniture in a variety of situations. The table’s individual character is embodied in its unique structure devoid of excessive decoration. The table comprises only the necessary elements, maintaining clarity and exceptional elegance of form. The table legs are set at an angle to ensure perfect stability. Aesthetic harmony is achieved by perfectly matched elements and subtle detail that joins the legs and the top. Our reflections on harmony in contemporary interiors led us to conceive a vision for the table that would create an impression of optical lightness and delicacy. The designer combined a modern construction approach with traditional craft. The wood used for production invests the tables with elegance, while the execution is of the highest quality.

Comforty—a leading brand of upholstered furniture in Poland, founded in 2000 in Nowe Skalmierzyce (Wielkopolska region).