X-Ray Spin by Lande

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Lande X-Ray Spin Lande X-Ray Lande X-Ray Lande X-Ray Lande X-Ray Lande X-Ray Lande X-Ray

Typical X-Ray. Light, air and space. Carefully considered design. Durable. Flexible. Inviting. ‘Come and sit next to me and let’s swap a few ideas.’ Choose your shape, height and comfort and feel at home no matter where you are. Its wire frame makes the X-Ray open and light. And if you want more space, the X-Ray also looks great when stacked. With the X-Ray you’re sitting pretty. Always comfortable with or without upholstery. Prefer an upholstery inlay in the shell or seat? No problem. Neither are leg caps for silent movement and plastic armrests that can also be hooked onto the table if the floor has to be free. Set the X-Ray out in a row and the effect is seamless. Perfect for active listening, or simply enjoying. And if you want even more individuality, the X-Ray’s minimalism makes it really stand out as a bar stool.

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