X-Ray Single workstation by Ergolain

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Construction of single, two-person, of three-person, of six-person workstation with an adjustable height mechanism (min 640, max 1115) on T-shaped legs. Ergonomics at First. Statiscally we spend at wor aprox 2000 hour per yaer. Back aches, eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome are just a few common work-related injuries. Effective and successful "Fits" assure high productivity, avoidance of illness and injury risks, and increased work satisfaction. ERGOLAIN X-RAY office system helps to set up your work space to avoid these and other problems. An ERGOLAIN X-RAY office system is designed to create good working environment.

Ergonomic contract furniture Established back in 2000, the company group has justly earned the title of the leader of the market.