Width 15 cm
Length 30 cm
Height 45 cm
Weight 1.7 kg


Finish Satin polished aluminium
Materials Die-cast and extruded aluminium, polycarbonate non-glare diffuser, 2 meter black PVC cable, 24V power supply


Environment Indoor
Year of design 2017


3D model (.zip)

For designer Harri Koskinen, it was the ideal brief. Design the ultimate table lamps of table lamps.

Something that would work at home and at the same time, feel at home at work. Given Koskinen’s natural proclivity for simple shapes driven by functionality, the challenged involved creating the most convenience with the least amount of extraneous elements. “I always try to achieve simplicity and universality,” says Koskinen. “Quality pieces made with honest materials that could fit into any setting, any culture.” With the Working Title Table Lamp, Koskinen started with the idea of a small sculpture for a table. 

There were three basic components: a base, a stem and a shade. The question was how to create a harmonious composition with all the elements together as an entity? “To tie it all together I chose a monochromatic material solution: brushed aluminium. It makes the lamp more elegant. The smooth surface is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. The circular shape of the base is reflected in the shape of the shade, with a flexible, swivel stem connecting the two.

” In an ever-changing urban lifestyle, how do you address the different types of lighting needed for different spaces? As Koskinen sees it, “The world is in transition. The spaces where we live and work are more fluid than fixed. I wanted a multi-functional lamp for any type of hybrid space. Also in terms of the lighting itself. I added a dimmer function to the design so people can use it to focus on work or to create a nice atmosphere by their bedside. The light source is LED, using the latest energy-efficient technology.”

Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.