Work@home S48 Stool by Müller Möbelfabrikation
Müller Möbelfabrikation

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The delicate and stable S48 stool comes into play wherever a seat is needed. Like the S82 bar stool, it is a continuation of the simple, spectacular design of the T22 desk and works perfectly in combination with it. The seat surfaces in both models are made of a birch multiplex panel in black or white. The striking leg design is available in white, black, grey, red or a RAL colour of your choice (semi-matt finish). H 48 x T 42 cm

Only people who go off the beaten path can find new ways to go. The T22 desk opens up unimagined space for your greatest ideas and fl outs all conventions as it does so. The unique leg design makes it a creative statement, while the built-in cable duct keeps everything in place.

WHAT MAKES A CLASSIC? Passion and delight in design.