WOGG TIRA Seating Table by WOGG

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REAL MINIMAL DESIGN The seating table dramatically illustrates the achievements of the Wogg Center of Competence for aluminium alloys. The design uses one material only, i.e. aluminium composite panel in a single plate. The U-shaped seating table is made possible only thanks to a new welding technology developed by Wogg. The stability of the minimal design is very impressive. The seating table comes in two sizes - short and long. Both short elements can be inserted and stored inside the long size. Discreet notches on the inside make it easy to pull them apart. Material: Aluminium composite panel Dimensions: L 48.5 / 99 cm / D 35 / 36 cm / H 35 cm

WOGG TIRA – TABLE AND TABLE The WOGG TIRA product range encompasses all the Wogg tables. They include the classic living room tables and office desks by the designers Alfredo Häberli, Jörg Boner and Hans Eichenberger, the Studio Table, the folding tables, and last but not least, the Seating Table.

Since 1983, WOGG has developed high quality furniture and manufactured it in the in-house workshops at GLAESER WOGG AG.