WOGG TARO Shelf Lange by WOGG

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AT THE CUTTING EDGE The shelf Lange was very well thought out and based on an innovative connection design. This meant that all abutting surfaces could be horizontally and vertically interconnected, adding stability to the structure and allowing a number of new functions. The new furniture also used the new postforming technique, which meant very thin shelves could be used without jeopardising their load capacity, creating an entirely new and very elegant look. The shelves are continuous with the vertical dividers in between. In 2014 the London-based Swiss designer duo LORIS&LIVIA developed the shelf, redesigning and modernising it in a contemporary context. The two designers studied the old shelf in detail, maintaining the system's basic structure while also modernising it. Shelf: HPL white / black HPL oak veneered HPL walnut veneered Cross bracket: white / black matt Dimensions: L 139.7 / 175.2 / 212.6 / 250 cm / D 24 / 31.5 cm / H var.

WOGG TARO – TIDILY TIDIED UP The WOGG TARO product range helps you tidy and arrange. It brings together the Wogg shelves, defined by horizontal design in the classic Wogg shelves or the Aluminium Wall Shelves by Adrian Meyer, and by vertical design in products such as the Lange shelving system or the Self-Standing Shelf Unit by Richard Wassmann.

Since 1983, WOGG has developed high quality furniture and manufactured it in the in-house workshops at GLAESER WOGG AG.