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SIMPLY STYLISH The shelf Wogg is indisputably classy. The sides and floor are just 13.2 mm thick and thanks to the high-performance post-forming, it offers unparalleled bending strength. These features give the shelf a sleek, refined character. The vertical sides are continuous with the shelf floors in between. Here, the books are what is important and yet it has a distinguished appearance and is a stylish eye-catcher. The shelf is available with drawers or doors, according to individual needs. Shelf: HPL white / grey / black Dimensions: L 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 cm / D 24 / 30 cm / H 107 / 177.4 / 212.6 / 283 cm

WOGG TARO – TIDILY TIDIED UP The WOGG TARO product range helps you tidy and arrange. It brings together the Wogg shelves, defined by horizontal design in the classic Wogg shelves or the Aluminium Wall Shelves by Adrian Meyer, and by vertical design in products such as the Lange shelving system or the Self-Standing Shelf Unit by Richard Wassmann.

Since 1983, WOGG has developed high quality furniture and manufactured it in the in-house workshops at GLAESER WOGG AG.