WOGG LIVA Bigboard by WOGG

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IMPRESSIVELY INTELLIGENT The generous dimensions of the bigboard dot the "i"s and cross the "t"s on your home office. In contrast to other WOGG LIVA sideboards, the sliding doors do not surround the entire piece; instead they leave an open area in the middle, which can feature glass shelves, drawers or a hanging filing system. The bigboard makes an impression in both home living spaces and your home office. Bottom: Melamine white / black Ash veneered white / black Cover: Melamine white / black Ash veneered white / black Glass white / black Sliding door: white / black Structure: aluminium coloured, adjustable feet Dimensions: L 185 cm / D 42 cm / H 50 / 85 / 120 cm

WOGG LIVA – LIGHTNESS OF HARMONY The key characteristic of the WOGG LIVA product range is its light and harmonious design. The range combines the Wogg classics – Elliptic Tower, Classicboard, Longboard and Vertical Cupboard – invented by designer Benny Mosimann with two new pieces of furniture by the same designer: the Openboard and the Bigboard. WOGG LIVA – CLEVERNESS One of the peculiar challenges of the WOGG LIVA line is the unique rounded shape of the basic design. The aluminium profile that guides the sliding door and protects the edge must be bent accordingly. A profile bending machine has been specially built for this purpose; it solves the tricky, difficult task and allows uniform bending of the aluminium profiles. WOGG LIVA – SWISSMADE The distinctive furniture is assembled by qualified staff with patience and precision.

Since 1983, WOGG has developed high quality furniture and manufactured it in the in-house workshops at GLAESER WOGG AG.