WOGG CARO Desk Grande by WOGG

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The Grande desk is the star representative of the WOGG CARO line. You can use it whenever you need space to plan, organize or have a discussion. It offers generous workspace and has open storage compartments on its long sides. The desktop is not just a surface: it also offers volume on a filigree base frame. The retracted position of the desk’s fine base frames emphasizes the horizontal and makes the desk’s surface appear to float above them. Slide-in boxes in different colors fit these recesses perfectly. So the desk can be tidied up in next to no time! In addition, the desk’s configuration includes electrical outlets. Table top: HPL white or black Base: black or chrome Dimensions: L 235.7 cm / D 92 cm / H 74 cm

WOGG CARO – EDGY FINESSE The WOGG CARO product line not only stands for what one considers valuable and precious, it also displays its corners and edges, and a finesse of its own. It encompasses the fine shelving system as a tower, box or wall-mounted feature, and the light desk with accessories such as push-in and drop-in boxes, all designed by Christophe Marchand. Last but not least, the Caro in square or rectangular shape plays a key design role. WOGG CARO – CLEVERNESS A special, very thin sandwich panel was developed for the WOGG CARO line. Thanks to its visual and actual lightness it features very high levels of bending strength and stability. The interplay of forms (rectangular elements) and the innovative material (sandwich panels) - gives WOGG CARO products a distinctive look. WOGG CARO – SWISSMADE The high-quality material is manufactured using the most advanced and precise machines and is assembled by qualified staff.

Since 1983, WOGG has developed high quality furniture and manufactured it in the in-house workshops at GLAESER WOGG AG.