WOGG AMOR Pillar Box by WOGG

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THE ALL-ROUND COMMUNICATOR The multifunctional pillar box, another classic Wogg product, acts as both a witty advertising medium and a colourful room divider. Thanks to the rotatable magnetic shroud, the furniture is both decorative and communicative: you can use it as a billboard, flipchart or message board. The interior has many uses and can be extended using shelves, slanted pockets or a folding table. Its dominant appearance means that the pillar box is always the centre of attention. Colours: Metal galvanised / white / red / blue / yellow / green / grey metallic / black metallic / ultramarine / blue green / melon yellow / light green / pastel orange / silver metallic / vert veronese / golden metallic / green metallic / violett metallic Dimensions: d 50 cm / H 224 cm

WOGG AMOR – SIMPLY LOVE IT The WOGG AMOR product range brings together the WOGG collector's items, the Trunk Cupboard and the Pillar Box by Hans Eichenberger, and the Stripe Sideboard by Trix and Robert Haussmann. They are classed as THE Wogg classics. People simply love them!

Since 1983, WOGG has developed high quality furniture and manufactured it in the in-house workshops at GLAESER WOGG AG.