Width 76.2 cm
Depth 76.2 cm
Height 99.1 cm
Seat height 38.1 cm


Base finish TR-CTS Chartreuse
Upholstery 39 0003 Fame


Glides Black plastic
Structure Fully upholstered over a foam-padded rigid, moulded frame. Swivel self-return made of steel base.


Semi-seclusion in lounge seating.

This lounge chair with a canopy offers visual and acoustical privacy for phone calls or one-on-one interactions in busy environments. A gap between the back and canopy prevents a closed-in feeling and keeps air circulating. Windowseat without a canopy is also available for lounges, lobbies, and meeting areas.

Mike and Maaike

Led by Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers, Mike & Maaike is a progressive industrial design studio in San Francisco. Formed as a design laboratory, the studio creates new opportunities through products, technology, furniture, environments, packaging and transportation. Mike is from California and Maaike is Dutch. The duo’s distinct backgrounds inform a diverse body of work marked by experimentation, substance, and strong conceptual narratives.

There’s plenty of noise in the business world, but the best spaces have the capacity to cut through it all and say something meaningful - something that inspires people to pause, gather, connect, and refresh.