Table with legs measuring 100x100 mm and top in solid Ecolignus@ wood. 250 x 100 x H 76 cm

A top-of-the-range table program characterized by a construction system in various sizes that facilitates the use of many different finishes all suitable for outdoor use. Combined with an aluminium frame with ECOLIGNUS® wooden legs and ceramic tops in Earth brown, Sand grey and Stone grey, or also with ECOLIGNUS® wood tops. ECOLIGNUS® is an innovative wood developed thanks to a revolutionary new process that gives outdoor properties to cultivated wood species, with no added chemicals, serving as an alternative to practically nonexistent teakwood today, and offering teak-like characteristics throughout an entire range of wood products. ECOLIGNUS® keeps us in tune with nature while enabling us to enjoy designs bringing all the benefits of sustainably-produced wood that shows full respect for our surroundings.

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