White-White – Straight Linea with graphics. Possibility to include any design of your choice

Reception desks with graphic design A personally designed office furniture matching the design of the interior? Our innovative product answers your needs with a stunning graphic design printed onto your office furniture. Our reception desks and office furniture with a special graphic décor is increasingly popular. This is a great idea for creating a non-conventional interior whether it be a nightclub, restaurant, mall boutique or a modern office. For the designs, UV technology is used, a popular method among interior decorators and architects. UV technology is also the newest method of printing, allowing the transfer of virtual digital patterns onto a variety of materials such as glass, plexiglass and PVC. MDD offers a solution for a personalized reception desks and office furniture with a unique graphic design.

More than 2 decades ago, MDD was born with the objective of bringing a fresh breeze to the office furniture sector.