Amini Whisper Shading Amini Whisper Shading Amini Whisper Shading Amini Whisper Shading

pile composition 100% Viscose technique hand loomed finishing viscose pile loop and cut hand washed and clipped. Availble also with fringes size 170x240, 200x300, 250x300, 300x400 and bespoke sizes lead time for bespoke sizes 3-4 months origin India

Strong roots in the Afghan traditions, a cosmopolitan inquisitive view of the world, passion and love for beauty in all its forms, together with a calling to transmit the culture of their people and the recollections of traditional carpets: the history of the Amini family is filled with different inspirations and influences, a path studded with hard-won achievements, an exciting tale that tells the story of brave men.