Height 13 cm
Diameter 9.5 cm


Colour Gold


Colour rendering index 90 cri
Colour temperature 2200 k
Dimmable Yes
Energy class A
Lifetime 15000 hrs
Light bulb cap type E27
Light bulbs included no
Luminous flux 140 lm
Recyclable Yes
Wattage 4 w


Whirly Wyatt is a big fella with a gentle soul, who loves nothing more than to light your home.

With an estimated lifetime of 15,000 hours, he’ll stick with you for the long-run. With all the trademarks of the WattNott family (the insignia and the turquoise tip), Whirly Wyatt has the presence to light up any space. Whirly Wyatt comes in two varieties: a traditional clear glass that gives off a warm light or a gold tinted glass which provides a warmer glow similar to candlelight.

Plumen was founded in 2010 by Nicolas Roope and Michael-George Hemus, they created the name Plumen, a combination of “plume,” the decorative feathers of a bird and “lumen”, the measurement of light, which reflect the values of the company.