Capdell Wedge 360 P Capdell Wedge 361 P Capdell Wedge

WEDGE, Glamour & Chic Constructive rationalism and design give a chic and glamorous result Wedge is a collection of chairs with a solid wooden structure and a seat and chair back in beech plywood, available in various colours and with the possibility of adding elegant padded fabrics. The chair features a cantilevered element that visually projects it forward, giving the collection a lightness of construction and making it extremely ergonomic. Design, high tech research and materials “The design focus of this collection is to create a chair that is simple but not ordinary and that is particularly flexible and fits into various spaces, from domestic to contract”, says Marcel Sigel. The starting point for Wedge was a reflection on the constructive components of the chair: the chair back, the seat and the legs which, in this case, are aesthetically separate and linked only by a central triangular wedge, which gives the collection its name. Three types of legs, various colours available and the possibility of adding padded elements Wedge has three types of legs to suit different spaces: four ‘tripod’ legs, four perch legs and four ray legs. For the utmost customisation and maximum comfort, fabric covered padding can be added to the chair back and the seat, also available in various colours.

Capdell is a brand created in 1981 from the evolution of Sillerias Alacuas, the historic company founded over 40 years ago.