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When Extremis was founded twenty years ago, the public were far less familiar than they are now with the idea of the outdoors as a real living space. Extremis was among the pioneers that tried to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Since then, countless other brands have cottoned on to the trend of the garden as a comfortably furnished ‘outdoor room.’ Sadly they cannot entirely live up to that promise with their trendy outdoor suites. At present there is not one single outdoor sofa on the market that lives up to Extremis’ high quality requirements. The existing trendy outdoor lounge sofas cannot stand up sufficiently to Belgium’s raw maritime climate to stay outdoors all year round. The familiar solutions to rain, wind, freezing temperatures, fierce sunlight, dust and pollution are feeble compromises at present. For example, protective removable covers are totally impractical and downright unsightly in a beautifully designed garden. Who wants to start dragging covers or loose cushions around at the first glimpse of that brief, precious hour of sunshine, and to find extra storage space for them as well? What is the use of beautifully designed sofas if they start looking horribly dirty almost right away and stay too wet to sit on for days after a shower? Protective coatings do exist, but they make the fabric feel hard and unpleasant. In short, Extremis insists on doing everything much better! This is not to say that real solutions are easy to find. Incidentally, the great difficulty of the project is the reason why Extremis never wanted to come up with a typical outdoor sofa before. But now this is about to change! In Kortrijk Extremis will introduce the public to a premiere viewing of the Walrus. It is named after the impressive mammal whose thick, smooth skin defies water, wind and heavy weather. The unique thing about this brand new design is the way it combines two materials to meet the apparently irreconcilable demands of superb comfort, aesthetics and weather-resistance. The Walrus has a smooth, wipe-clean exterior with a soft and comfortable inside. Thanks to an ingenious zipping system its back cushions simply unzip and there is no need to find storage for any covers. Unzipping the Walrus sofa cushions will reveal a cosy resting place in the garden, all year round: your seat will always be dry, and what is more it is lovely and warm in the winter. On the outside you will find an extremely hardwearing material that does not absorb water or attract dirt. Its waterproof zips and rather corpulent shape help the water drain away fast. This keeps maintenance down to a minimum, so that once again you can be sure of getting a piece of furniture with the familiar Extremis quality and durability. Walrus saves you storage space indoors and, above all, a lot of time and effort. It is a real tool for togetherness: Walrus makes togetherness as pleasant as can be, all year round! This is what real innovation is all about.

Extremis – almost twenty years of tools for togetherness It was purely and simply out of love that at the end of the eighties Dirk Wynants, an interior designer and son of a furniture maker, moved from his native region north of Antwerp to the other side of the country.