Wall Mirror
Fritz Hansen

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Technical sheet (.pdf)

A statement mirror from Paul McCobb, designer of the Planner series.

Wall Mirror is a mounted mirror with shelves designed by the legendary American designer Paul McCobb. The shelf and mirror are delivered in two separate pieces, with two small shelves that pivot. Wall Mirror is reissued from the 1950s design for Bryce Originals. Fritz Hansen has updated the design by adding marble to the shelves for a modern, sophisticated look. Wall Mirror is black, powder coated steel with shelves. The marble used for the shelves has a matt surface and is available in two versions; Green Forest marble and White Carrara marble. Green Forest marble varies a lot from plate to plate. Small inclusions, glass veins and porosities in the surface may occur and are characterized as all-natural, distinctive marks. These natural marks are not accepted as defects or grounds for complaint. Max load of approximately 10 kg. (pivot shelves max 2 kg each, middle shelve 6 kg).

Paul McCobb

Meet the realist and perfectionist - in personality as well as in his designs. Paul McCobb moved from Boston to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a designer. When it came to design he was completely self-taught but his profound understanding of perspective paved the way for his emerging career as one of the most important designers of the time. Perspective and scale in particular became a trademark for McCobb, whose tables, shelves and even lamps were the result of meticulous attention to the room the design would inhabit. Thin lines, simplicity of form and a distinct lightness characterize the works of Paul McCobb. He was a realist and a perfectionist and his design pieces are a clear reflection of his personality.

McCobb’s recipe for no-nonsense design, where only the essential is required to obtain both functionality and aesthetics, is a recipe we respect through our relaunch of McCobb's Planner™ coffee tables. Details such as the narrowing of the welted steel by the “feet” of the base is how one recognizes a genuine McCobb design.

Fritz Hansen is an exclusive, international design brand whose timeless collection unites world-famous classic and contemporary furniture, lightning and accessories.