Karakter Copenhagen Von Ribbeck Karakter Copenhagen Von Ribbeck

Poetic pear shapes. Throughout her childhood and adulthood, designer Laura Straßer has been fascinated and drawn to the German poem ”Von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland” (Squire Ribbeck from Ribbeck in Havelland) written by Theodor Fontane in 1889. A writer, who originates from the same region as Straßers’ grandmother – Havelland just 60 kilometres west of Berlin. Von Ribbeck was a most generous man who always gave pears from his tree to the children in the village. Of course all the children were sad when he died, but little did they know that this clever man asked to be buried with a pear so that a new tree would grow from his grave and his generosity could continue. The Von Ribbeck pendant has a strong porcelain body and a playful pear shape. Measurements: Ø19 /H21 cm Finish: Glazed handmade porcelain and brushed stainless steel. Construction Material: Porcelain, steel, silicone fabric cord. Lamp (Bulb) Description: Max: E27 60W Halogen / 17W LED.

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