Voir is a table centerpiece that has a sculptural and rigorous form where different elements with pure lines are placed together, mono-cylindrical flower vases, an oval tray, a round bowl.

Voir 1404 Terracotta
Black felt pad
Epoxy powder lacquer

It is a monomeric and monochrome object, completely made of aluminum, available in sky blue and earth colors. This "landscape" of objects is made by a turning workmanship, where the object, rotating around, is modeled to obtain its final shape.

Note: Vases have three inner removable flower holders in transparent borosilicate glass.

Leonardo Talarico

Among the youngest italian designers, Leonardo Talarico works with prestigious firms of the design industry such as Cappellini, Mercedes-Benz, Alcantara, Ceramica Flaminia, HenryTimi. His approach to design is both essential and contemporary. Leonardo Talarico keeps on projectual route in other to comunicate his pure thinking.Recently he has forged important collaborations for events which left an impressionable mark on the international press. The events included: “Temporary Museum for New Design” in Milan, “Magic Forest” in Stockholm and some installations at the Maxxi Museum in Rome for Alcantara. Leonardo Talarico’s products were presented during the Design week in Milan, Paris, Cologne, London and New YorkCase da Abitare has included him amongst the 15 italian talents under the age of 35 when he was only 23.

Cappellini faced the new millennium inextricably linked to the world of images, exploration and research.