by Lassen’s View mirror is introduced in brass color Pure forms, functionality and stringent lines are the key elements of the modernist movement that so captivated Danish architects Mogens and Flemming Lassen.

Throughout their lives, their objective was to highlight the basic elements of architecture and design; in particular, functionality came always before form. With the launch of the View Mirror in brass, by Lassen carries on the tradition for distinctive, simple and timeless design, with the result being an object of exceptional balance and beauty. Brass has already proved popular with the Kubus candleholder and bowl collection as well as the Twin Table range and the elegant frame of the View Mirror is a perfect fit for the colour as well. A focus on metals is a key part of the Scandinavian design story and the by Lassen universe continues to be developed with different types and tones. With a thin and graceful 6 mm wide profile frame, View’s minimalist look seems to float out from its place on the wall. A clever hidden ridge at the back of the mirror places it slightly away from the wall rather than flat when hung. This simple detail causes the mirror to appear slightly detached, moving it dynamically into the space. “It was important for us that the View Mirror in brass balances between a neutral expression which leaves the subject in the actual mirror in focus and a beautiful, thoughtful expression, which works in any modern interior setting,” explains Nadia Lassen, Director and Co-Owner. With its large surface, understated frame and slightly protruding position, the View in brass is a timeless sophisticated product that keeps the mirror itself as the fundamental object in focus. Hang View in your hallway, bedroom and bath-room or among your artworks in the living room. The View Mirror in brass is in stores in February 2016

by Lassen owns the rights to the designs of two of Denmark’s greatest architects: Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen.