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Vicki is a unique meeting room chair because of its ability to recline. Design by Christina and Lars Anderson and movable seat and backrest makes Vicki a meeting room chair with superior comfort Vicki is designed to create variation in the users’ posture. The rubber resistance mounts enables the seat and backrest to move smoothly with the body’s movements and allows the user to sit either upright, sitting forward or even comfortably reclining. The timeless design of Vicki along with its functionality results in a chair that fits as well in the meeting room as in a restaurant. The chair is easy to stack and it’s also possible the link the chairs together with extra fittings. A writing tablet is also available as an accessory. With a large selection of fabrics and the option to customize the colour of the steel, Vicki will easily blend in with the environment or stand out in an otherwise colourless room.

With the core principals ergonomics, functionality and innovative design Officeline has since its inception worked towards better sitting.