Vibrant Baneh Kelim 1,Soheila Shayegan Studio, 200 x 300cm
Zollanvari International

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200 x 300 cm

Zollanvari ‘minimalist’ kilims are diverse.  Baneh kilims are woven in northern Iran in sections using natural undyed wools in shades of cream and black and then skilfully stitched together.  The one-piece Zagros kilims woven by the Luri and Ghashgha’i nomads of southern Iran are monochromatic.  They have traditional ‘lazy lines’ that form subtle patterns of diamonds and squares.  Maryam kilims, woven by the same tribes, have plain ground colours with repeat motifs hand-embroidered in pure silk, a modernisation awarded Best Innovation at the Domotex CDAs in 2009.  The jewel in the crown of our ‘minimalist’ flatweaves is a collection that draws inspiration from the old and antique Mazandaran kilims that have appeared on the market in the past decade – a truly modern collection.

With its exquisite patterns and the finesse of its quality a Zollanvari carpet captivates and enhances the beauty of its surroundings. The vibrant colours and timeless designs we create combine perfectly with contemporary as well traditional interiors. When thoughtfully placed, our carpets impart a sense of space, vision and form to any setting. Zollanvari’s commitment to the creation of superior quality carpets and exclusive designs, while at the same time preserving the great Persian heritage of carpet art, has not only established the brand as a leader in the global marketplace, but has also inspired us to push the boundaries of carpet design and weaving techniques – from the minimalist development of our tribal Gabbehs to the innovative re-invention of classical patterns seen in our Isfahan Collection. As a result, we have won numerous worldwide accolades for the quality and individuality of our carpets. The spirit of innovation is thus writ large in the carpets and flatweaves created by Zollanvari.