Width 36 cm
Depth 42.3 cm
Height 85 cm
Weight 5 kg


Materials and finish Ash matte varnished


Designed and produced in Romania, with love.

Version 3 bar stool is a smart casual seating solution that brings comfort into the simple charm of day to day social contexts. The svelte framework of the bar stool harmoniously blends with a gracefully thin seat and backrest. Designed to fit in commercial, as well as in residential spaces, Version 3 bar stool has a soft, natural wood texture that complements almost any theme or color schemes, allowing an effortless integration in different modern settings and activities.

Dragoș Motica

Passionate architect and product designer, Dragos has successfully developed products in the fields of furniture, lighting and interior design. Working within the fields of architecture, interior design, product design and graphic design, Dragos developed projects ranging from limited edition experimental works to serial products. In 2015, Dragos was awarded A’ Design Award Gold Medal, for “/” Lamp, and received several other awards offered by the Romanian Association of Furniture Manufacturers for other furniture products.

Ubikubi was founded by Robert Savu and Dragos Motica in 2014. The partnership is a spontaneous outcome of a fruitful preceding bond, the two already sharing a common experience in many projects they have worked together and found affinities.