Vela-Dora by Sancal

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Table D90 Diameter: 90 cm Height: 74 cm

This collection of tables stands out owing to its versatility; its great capacity for transformation. The range of sizes and finishes that Sancal offers makes Vela-Dora a table suitable for any occasion: in lounges, kitchens, waiting rooms, cafés, meeting rooms or offices. As a novelty we have developed a system of fittings and separate tops that enable enlargements by joining the tables together. Technical data: The tops, round or square, can be MDF lacquered, stained mukali veneer or Polyrey. The central foot can be satin stainless steel or F1 steel lacquered in black or white. 128.74.FF Table D50 128.74.HH TABLE D70 128.74.JH Table D80 128.74.KH Table D90 128.74.NH Table D120 128.74.RH Table D150 128.74.FFF Table 50X50X58 128.74.HHH Table 70X70X74 128.76.HH Top 70X70 128.74.JJH Table 80X80X74 128.76.JJ Top 80X80 128.74.KKH Table 90X90X74 128.76.KK Top 90X90 128.74.WKH Table 230X90X74

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