Variations 1 Wallpaper
Petite Friture

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From distilled water to a cluster of dots, this wallpaper will have your head in the clouds. Storms that give way to clear skies.

Tiphaine De Bodman signs Variations, a printed wallpaper made from diluted water and dot repetition, which diffuse and degrade delicately.Variations is a wallpaper that suggests dreams through both, a gradient and blurry pattern.

It can be applied on a wall in two different ways : from top to bottom or the other way round. A cloudy horizon, it can be applied in both senses transporting your imagination far away. Between contemplation and day dreaming Variations gently integrates itself into your interior.

PETITE FRITURE, LIBRE GARDE design editor, was founded 10 years ago by Amélie du Passage, placing bold, talented, emerging designers at the heart of its singular collections.