Variabolo Sofa by Jori

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Jori Variabolo Sofa Jori Variabolo Sofa Jori Variabolo Stool

Ingenious adjustability Just this one sofa gives you a full three-piece suite. If you fancy a nice quiet cup of coffee and a good book, just pull up the armrests. If you are in the mood to lounge and watch some television, simply fold the armrests down again on one side. And if you have company, the fold-down armrests and the pull-up Variabolo footstool enable you to add a couple of extra seats in no time. This Verhaert New Products creation rests on a support frame made from polished or matt stainless steel and comes in three different heights.

JORI, founded in 1963, is a Belgian company that is specialised in high-quality and contemporary leather seating furniture.