VALLE Duo trays

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Valle trays duo, a stylish accessory for your home. The collection of the Valle accessories reminds us of the lines of mountain ranges. The resemblance to these natural formations gave it its name. This set of trays design, with a hexagonal outline, completely assimilated the Savia collection aesthetics. Their singular shape provides them with great functionality. It allows the user to place anything on it, from a tiny pen, so it does not slide down, to a flower vase.

Simplicity, functionality, versatility, and design are their features. The Valle trays not only are functional, but they are also a unique piece of decoration. Its uses may vary, from a distinctive table centerpiece to the most stylish accessory on your desk or dressing room. In contrast to its bigger counterpart, the smallest one in this collection does not come with a base, so it is possible to place it under the other. They are both light and small-sized, which makes them easy to carry and to store.

You can get them both in matte lacquered golden and black finishes. The ideal combination of accessories to add a touch of color and design to your living, kitchen, hallway or office!

Our products focus on finding the delicate balance between minimalist construction and elegant design. Essentially versatile furniture designed to live in harmony with people, creating warm, distinctive and timeless spaces.