Vague 3D by Manooi

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Adding an extra dimension to Vague, Vague 3D incorporates both horizontal and vertical ripples. Here, János Héder has created a unique and intriguingly serpentine chandelier. The installation opportunities of Vague 3D are many and when installed either alone or, ideally, in multiple, this chandelier becomes the focus of any room. Three-dimensional waves in different sizes and colours according to your needs. Vague 3D 140 L 140 x W 14 x H 16 Vague 3D 188 L 188 x W 14 x H 16 Vague 3D 230 L 230 x W 14 x H 16 Vague 3D 280 L 280 x W 14 x H 16

Manooi believes that a considered lighting scheme can create a uniquely personal universe; an empowering and affirming space for the individuals within.