Vaamoos 60902
Intueri Light

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About Zoltán Vámos

Zoltan Vamos’s recent works have been crystallized through several years of progression process. The material, paper, is a thousand years old invention. The foundation of Zoltan’s art is the natural material, which the artist himself, as an eco-artist adverts. His work goes from figurative fulfillment to an abstract, almost to conceptual art. Their strenght lies in the hidden personal and global philosofical thoughts behind the abstract forms. This as a significant part of his work, where the artist screaming through his sculptures by illuminating the scenes of society and the human being.

The ‚handmade’ Philosophy

The twentieth century was defined by the side-effects of industrialization, which crea¬ted an excessive supply market in place of the demand-based economy of a hundred years ago. We seldom dwell on the fact that most of the everyday objects we own have copies in the order of hundred-thousands scattered all over the world. The word ‚personal item’ is radically redefined under the pressures of mass produc¬tion. As for the forms, design and functionality take precedence now, but automatized produc¬tion eliminates direct human action from the process, and so only huge amounts of robotic copies are created. It is for this reason that the philosophy of ‚handmade’ is gaining ground - the presence of all ancient phases of creation bring to life an object with a special emotional atmosphere.

Each quirky, characterful design is a modular combination of timeless shapes, initially created using the computer but brought into reality as small batches using entirely traditional production methods.